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Thursday, November 11, 2010

La Traviata

Exerpt from Operatic Divas and Naked Irishmen: An Innkeeper's Tale
a work-in-progress by Nancy Hinchliff

Demanding operatic divas, naked Irishmen walking in their sleep, and honeymooners leaving remnants of an unforgettable wedding night are all part of the flamboyant and interesting guests who came in and out of my life as an Innkeeper; each bringing his or her own unique personality and quirkiness to the table. Although the percentage of high-maintenance, demanding guests we had was pretty low, there were several who really stood out in my memory.

One of the most memorable was an eccentric opera singer who wore the more flamboyant and outlanddish costumes I have ever seen. She must have thought she was still on stage because, in addition to her colorful costumes, her daily entrances into the dining room were breath taking.

Chapter 8, opening:

I remember the day she arrived vividly.

I opened the door to a barrage of people, having no idea who they might be. The only person scheduled to check in that night was a single, elderly lady.

"I am Madame Rosalina Capriani!” the woman announced, "and these are my suitcases".

I scanned the four men accompanying her and, sure enough, each one was carrying a suitcase...

She extended a long, well rounded arm covered in silky, red, purple and green, part of a flowing cape encircled heavily in dancing Magenta fringe. I stood there in awe, as she flamboyantly glided through the doorway, motioning to her walking suitcases to follow..........

copyright 2010 Nancy R. Hinchliff All Rights Reserved

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  1. And that's why I will never run a bed and breakfast or anything like that. Great story!!

  2. Gil, Thanks so much for this comment. You'ld be surprised how many people tell me how much fun they think it would be to run a B&B. Yes, at times, it is, but on the other side of the coin, you have to deal with a lot of personalities on a daily basis and it's a helluva lot of work. To be perfectly candid, it takes a certain kind of personality and a well developed sense of humor.

  3. hi nancy-- i very much enjoyed this portrait of your guest! xxj

  4. Nancy I love your B&B tales so much! Diva's are high maintenance Nancy and you got to experience it first hand! Good you had Eric there to lend a hand. Love your new site and soon to be filled with your writing, oh happy times!

  5. Cindy, Thanks so much...coming from you that's a real compliment. I designed the site so I could not only put my own work up, but also the work of other writers I know and admirer. Think maybe I could put an exerpt from one of your books here?

  6. @Aidy, Thanks a bunch. knew I could count on you to support me. I'd love to put some of your wonderful poetry up. Whadaya say?

  7. @Jen: Thanks so much for visiting my site and glad you enjoyed the exerpt.

  8. Nancy, great blog!! such a funny story-- I would love to read more of your adventures as an innkeeper

  9. Thanks, Julianne, I plan on putting more exerpts up as time goes by.