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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just for Fun: Raising Baby

     I was doing a little surfing today and came across a site asking for advice on parenting. The blogger, who had just given birth,  posted several questions and was looking for answers to that age old problem of how to be a stellar mom. I couldn't resist taking a "tongue-in-cheek" approach to the questions and posted the following answers to her questions. Just thought you might enjoy them..... 

OK, Here goes: 

On a scale of 1-10, how terrified were you of becoming a parent? I'd say, a 2 or a 3. I was very young and stupid. This was during the 50s, when women weren't allowed to think much, so I didn't know what I was getting into. Maybe that was a blessing, in disguise.

What experience did you have beforehand? Baby sitting when I was 12.

How quickly did you get the hang of parenting? Right after the nurse left...around two weeks. Then I was on my own...absolutely no help from my hubby with anything...and I mean anything.

Approximately how long did it take you to get more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep? On the third night I fell asleep flat of my back with my baby on my stomach. I didn't move a muscle and we both slept for 2 hours and fifteen minutes.

What was your favorite part about becoming a parent/caregiver? The part where my daughters went to school. (Please don't hate me)

What general tips, advice and words of wisdom do you have to offer? Relax and enjoy your kids. Have fun with them...jump in the tub with them, take them to the zoo, eat ice cream with them. Enjoy them while you can. They grow up too fast. I have two beautiful daughters, one of whom  gave me two beautiful grand kids. The other is a psychotherapist. LOL

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  1. I loved the part where she asked about sleeping:) I can't tell you how many times I took my baby to bed with me, because it was the only place I could rest:) I used to put her next me and away from my husband. I always worried he would roll over and crush her. After she was a little older we put her between us.

    Also loved the answer about your favorite part of being a parent. Those hours were golden:)

    1. I know...that became a pretty regular thing with me too. As far as the hours are concerned, Yes they were golden...years of very fond and a little less than fond memories. Thanks, Barbara, for commenting.

  2. I enjoyed this post and to question 1: I wasn't scared at all until we were being discharged and my husband looked at me and said - They're really gonna let us take this baby home? Then I was terrified!

    1. LOL So funny. I love the question your husband asked you. Thanks so much for commenting, Teicha.

  3. I was never planning on being a mom, getting married or being a writer. And here I am to say I am three of those women. I wasn't prepared AT ALL to be a mom and it was/is the hardest gig I've had in my life but it's also one of the best. I'm one of those moms that had it easy the first baby and was sideswiped when my son came along. He didn't sleep for two years (not did I) and he was a fussy eater. I had to make homemade baby food. I swear I never thought I'd live through those two years but on year two plus one he was a different child. After all these years I still wear 'hide your dark circle make up'. Advise i give new moms "It's not about the cute baby clothes, it's so much more.."

  4. Thanks for a great comment, Brenda. It's amazing how different siblings can be, right from the very beginning. You never know.